helplessness ~

10:56 , 25.03.2011 REmark ( 1 )
Helplessness is one of the worst feelings you can expirence in your life,
My fucking life is about to get worse and I am not capable of doing anything to change or prevent it.
sorrow in my heart, sorrow in my soul...
I can't help thinking about this... and I feel that my life is breaking down, again.
I dunno what to do, I dunno what to say...

rush, flush, new euforic ~

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I am reading articles about Dangeorus Drags, it is really curious how people are able to produce drugs from stupid plants for e.g
What is more, it is really interesting cause when somebody discovers new drug people usually use this like a medicine till they realize that it causes an addiction.
I think, there is lots of new drugs but they are not discovered yet .

fatal error. ~

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Do you know what is really annoying?
When you are sitting, relaxing?
Suddenly you perceive how much actually you have to do.
The more you have to do, the more you try to put it off.
Have it ever happend to you?

with that moon in the sky
who wants to be alone
and when the stars shine so bright

out of my head ~

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Having no fucking idea what is going on,I realized how our live faint is...
This morning I read news in the internet and what I saw was a headline 'Polish President Lech Kaczynski dies in plane crash'.
Something about 96 important people dies in this crash. I can't manage with this fact. Situations like this realize you how it is simple to be and not to be...

fuckin' memoirs ~

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I still remember doing all these things together, right?
I've just realized how much time I had wasted with you.
I am listening to our favorite songs, but look who you have become.
I even started regret knowing you...
I can't believe that we were such a good friends.